Saturday 20th May 2017

  1. Walk: Yarns

    Ever wondered why Bury St Edmunds was a wealthy medieval town? Of course you could say because of its Abbey, but as with many Suffolk towns, it owed much of its prosperity to what grew on the backs of...
    £8 - 10.30am
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  2. Street Theatre

    A host of street theatre performers who will delight you, amaze you and put a smile on your face! And guess what……it’s all free!
  3. Draw On Sweet Night

    John Wilbye, considered the greatest of the Elizabethan madrigalists, spent his entire working life in the service of Sir Thomas and Lady Elizabeth Kytson at Hengrave Hall in Suffolk. This was not unu...
    £9 - 2pm
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  4. Mendelssohn Elijah

    The prodigiously gifted Felix Mendelssohn first conceived of writing the oratorio Elijah in 1836, but it was not until ten years later that a commission from the Birmingham Festival gave him the oppor...
    £25 - £15 7.30pm
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  5. Clare Teal & her Mini Big Band

    The First Ladies of Swing – Ella, Peggy, Doris And Beyond. We’re long-time fans of Clare’s and always love inviting her to come and perform in Bury St Edmunds.
    £24 - 7.30pm
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  6. The Siren of Heaven

    ‘The Siren of Heaven’ is a lively introduction to the life and work of ‘La Cecchina’, presented by soprano Juliet Fraser, lutenist Jamie Akers and author Anna Beer. Francesca Caccini (1587-1640) held...
    £10 - 7.30pm
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